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Since the Balochistan Province has a unique and critical role to play in the sustainable and economic development of Pakistan, Balochistan Development Gateway (BDG) is intended to enhance the access to and dissemination of development information related to Balochistan. It is a pioneering web-based knowledge initiative presenting information on a range of issues pertaining to this region.

Essentially, the Balochistan Development Gateway (BDG) is a reference repository for an evolving body of knowledge. It hopes to link provincial and national stakeholders - government, civil society, media, experts, donors and the general public - with their global counterparts, weaving a web of information and experience sharing.

The main purpose of the Balochistan Development Gateway is to have all development related information — data, links, material, promotions, development news, contact info of public sector and civil society organizations in the province uploaded and available at one stop windows for different kind of users.

Balochistan Development Gateway will be helpful in overcoming the information- access, sharing and dissemination problem between the government departments, public sector institutions and civil society. It also seeks to provide a platform for all relevant government agencies, donors, and non-governmental organisations as well as the communities to share their information and experiences. This gateway also supports the objective to link Balochistan with the national and international knowledge networks of development practitioners.

IUCN Balochistan Programme would like to see BDG as a rich web-based information and knowledge resource where all stakeholders own and benefit/contribute from/to the product and through an evolving process this initiative should become sustainable.




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