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Project Title:

The Project for Irrigation Water Management, Orchard Management and Drinking Water Supply in Zardaloo, Balochistan
Organization: Khush-hali Associates
District Coverage: District Sibi
Grant: US $ 49,723
Duration: N.A.








This project in Dargai village of Zardaloo valley in district Sibi has three components. Firstly irrigation water management is the top priority in these areas as spring water is the main source of irrigation, and therefore lining of water channels both main and branching will be executed to reduce water wastage by 60 to 70%. Secondly, increase in per acre yield, production area and quality of produce is intended through training of growers for orchard management and provision of necessary tools and machinery. It is expected that fruit yield will be increased to 40%, and an additional 300 acres will come under cultivation so about 60 to 70 farming families will directly benefit. Last but not the least, community is presently suffering from stomach diseases and other water related health problems, and through the construction of drinking water supply line from main spring to the main water tank, after filtration, provision of potable drinking water will certainly improve the health and hygiene of the villagers.
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Keywords: Dargai village of Zardaloo, Irrigation, Water Management, Drinking Water, potable water
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