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Project Title:

Balochistan Road Development Sector Project
Communication and Works Department, Government of Balochistan Province and National Highway Authority
District/Area Coverage: Balochistan Province


Duration: N.A.










The Government of Islamic Republic of Pakistan is undertaking a nationwide Pakistan Road Network Development Programme (PRNP) with financial and technical assistance from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). The PRNP has been split into four sector projects, which are being prepared and implemented on a province-by-province basis. The Sindh and Punjab Provinces’ Road Sector Development Projects have already been prepared during the years 2001 and 2002, respectively with a combined grant from ADB (TA No. 3679-PAK), for which the loans for implementation are being processed by ADB. Balochistan is the third province addressed under the programme (PPTA No. 3897-PAK undertaken in 2003).

The Balochistan Road Development Sector Project (BRDSP) aims at widening and improving a total of approximately 1,400 kilometers in the Balochistan Province of Pakistan. The Project will have two executing agencies (EAs), namely: (i) the National Highway Authority-Regional Office (NHA), and (ii) the Communications & Works Department of Government of Balochistan Province (CWD). The Project roads are of three types, namely: (i) National Highways, (ii) Provincial Highways, and (iii) Rural Access Roads. Table 1 shows the 23 roads included in the Project.

For more info. Download complete document here



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