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Project Title:

Trial District Development Programme in Baluchistan
Organization: Government of Balochistan.
District/Area Coverage: Balochistan Province (Pilot phase - Jhal Magsi and Loralai)


Duration: N.A.




















The Government of Balochistan is committed to the economic development of the province and the objective of its economic policy is to achieve prosperity and progress of the people of Balochistan and to attain the highest possible level of development of the province through optimum utilization of the resources available and enforcement of appropriate policy measures, financial discipline and balanced inter-sectoral and inter-regional development" (White Paper, Budget 1997- 98, GOB). "Some of the principles of this policy are to have an efficient administrative set-up, to create a responsive Government at all levels to ensure that the people of Balochistan can pursue the path of prosperity and progress without obstacle, to adopt an integrated development strategy emphasizing on regional development prioritizing development activities in favor of under-developed regions, to involve community participation at the grass roots level for the development of enterprise development and income generating opportunities, to introduce a system of user charges with active participation of the community at all levels of the service delivery in a systematic manner and to mobilize national and international resources for the achievement of rapid economic growth of the province" (Principles of Economic Policy, GOB, 1997).

The Government of Balochistan has been working with the United Nations Development Program to assess how this can be achieved through the design of a Trial District Management Project (TDMP). The districts of Jhal Magsi and Loralai have been selected for the implementation of a pilot project in which new institutional arrangements are proposed on a trial basis. The purpose of the TDMP is to assess the types of institutional reform and other changes that might be required for decentralizing the delivery of public sector services and making them more effective through employing participatory methods. Consultants were engaged by UNDP and the Government of Balochistan to assist in the preparation of the project document for UNDP and a PC-1 for the Government of Balochistan. The consultants conducted detailed field visits in the selected districts with all major stakeholders including the Deputy Commissioners, line agencies, local government institutions and village communities. The essential aspects of the project design have been prepared and discussed with selected line agencies, local council representatives and community members at the provincial, district and village level to secure their agreement and concurrence.

For more info. Download complete document here



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