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Project Title:

The Quetta Katchi Abadies Environmental Management Programme (QKAEMP)
Organization: -
District/Area Coverage: Quetta


Duration: -






The Quetta Katchi Abadies Environmental Management Programme (QKAEMP) evolved through a well organized process that began in 1996-97. Pakistan Institute for Environment Development Action Research (PIEDAR) with Mr. Syed Ayub Qutub, Executive Director and The Royal Netherlands Embassy (RNE) studied various approaches through which low cost sanitation was facilitated in Katchi Abadies. Two approaches were found vital during this process. An exploratory and gradually evolving approach of low cost sanitation in which the Orangi Pilot Project (OPP), Karachi and Youth Commission for Human Rights (YCHR) extended service of technical, managerial and social support to Katchi Abadies where the communities were willing to bear the entire cost of lane sewers and pour flush latrines without any direct subsidy. Another approach that was adopted in Punjab was structured on the principal of matching grant extended to low-income communities. PIEDAR with the approval of RNE decided to apply the latter approach with suitable modifications.

For more info. Download complete document here (pdf)




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