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Lasbela District
This Website contains extensive information about district Lasbela.Its different sections provides the extensive information about its history, climate, location, resources, business, sites, industries beaches and all its Governmental setup on district, tehsil and union level. It also includes the information about the activities of developmental departments in different sectors, like health, education, agriculture, live stock, finance, public health engineering and revenue etc.Furthure more it is enriched with the picture gallery ,which has map,views and snap shots of Lasbela district.

Gwadar District
This information rich website goes back to Gwadar's ancient history in its well-written introduction. It gives details of the hierarchical administrative setup, topography, and productive sources of economy. Intensive information about Gwadar's customs and beliefs, climate and environment, industries, social infrastructure, health, telecommunications, education, population, financial institutions, and NGOs' involvement make for enlightened reading.

District Kech
The site is an extensive source of data on the Kech district of Balochistan. Kech is among the four largest districts within the province. In Makran it has a central position: geographically, politically and administratively. It is the most densely populated district in Makran division. The information has been classified under fifteen links containing sub-categories with further details. The site provides a downloadable report on 'District Consultative Meetings held at Kech' and links to other information channels.

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