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World Bank
Description: Both sites provide extensive information on how NGO's and Civil Society Organizations can work in partnership with the World Bank. The website also provides linkages to the Bank's priority themes and issues, its policies and guidelines for working with the NGO sector, and contact information of key staff.

Web Portals for Donor Websites
This short monograph provide access to many printed and online resources that are available that provide information on donors. By researching these directories and Websites, you will now be able to identify donors who could be approached to support your development projects.

United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Description: It advocates for change and connects countries to knowledge, experience and resources to help people build a better life. The UNDP's website contains detailed information on its geographical and programmatic priorities.

Asia Pacific Philanthropy Information Network
Description: The Asia Pacific Philanthropy Information Network seeks to: make available contemporary information about philanthropy and the third sector within the Asia Pacific region, and build strong networks between researchers seeking to understand philanthropy and the third sector within the region. The Asian Pacific Philanthropy Consortium aims to promote the flow and effectiveness of philanthropy in the region.

Categories of Donors
There are a wide variety of funding sources that offer support for development projects. This link provide some of donor categories containing a few examples of specific donor organizations within a particular category.

Grant Resources Supported by the World Bank for NGO's and Other Organizations of Civil Society
Description: The World Bank's mission is to reduce poverty and improve living standards for people in the developing world. The Bank provides loans, policy advice based on economic and sector analytical work, technical assistance, grants, and increasingly, knowledge-sharing services to governments.

Asian Development Bank (ADB)
Description: The website provides detailed information how it works with NGO's. ADB cooperates with a broad range of nongovernmental organizations to improve the effectiveness, quality, and sustainability of its operations.

Japan Foundation Centre (JFC)
Description: The JFC website provides authoritative information on Japanese grant-making foundations to grantmakers and grantseekers.

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