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Development Projects

Education Sector Reform Assistance (ESRA)

The Education Sector Reform Assistance (ESRA) program is a $60 million initiative funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) in support of the Government of Pakistan's Education Sector Reform (ESR) effort. ESRA, a consortium of national and international partners led by RTI-International, operates across 6 technical areas (policy and planning, professional development, literacy, public-community partnerships, public-private partnerships, and information and communication technologies), 13 educational jurisdictions (9 districts, 2 provinces, the ICT, and the Federal Ministry of Education), and thousands of school-communities. Fundamentally, ESRA is about two things: School improvement and the ways and means by which key stakeholders throughout the system can continuously identify and solve their own problems regarding school improvement.

National Commission for Human Development

Based on a holistic development model, NCHD aims at enlarging the scale and scope of the efforts made by the government in ensuring the effect- ive provision of social services. It perceives human development as a process of enlarging choices, building capacities and encouraging partici- pation of communities at the grass roots. To ensure this, NCHD is directed towards supporting government line departments, civil society organizations and the local communities in the sectors of education, basic health care and income generating activities at the grassroots.








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